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Klaus Rüdiger Helmut von Wild ist in Frankfurt/Main geboren als der Sohn und drittes Kind des Kaufmanns Helmut von Wild  aus Frankfurt/Main und dessen Ehefrau Gerda, geb. Neubecker aus Offenbach/Main. Er ist seit 1969 verheiratet mit Monikageb. Koch aus Frankfurt/M; jetzt Dr. phil., und  Kunsthistorikerin.
Ihre beiden Söhne wurden 1972 und 1973 geboren. Der ältere Daniel, Dr. jur.,  ist Rechtsanwalt und mit Ariane, geb. Kühne aus Genf, CH, verheiratet: Sie leben mit ihren beiden Töchtern Alix und Elisa in Toulouse, FR. Tobias, Dr. med., ist Facharzt in Hamburg. Die Dres. Klaus, Monika, Daniel und Tobias von Wild sind Deutsch- Schweizer Doppelstaater und als Bernburger Mitglieder in der Zunft zur Schmieden, Bern


Curriculum Vitae

Personal information

First name(s) / Surname(s)

Klaus Rüdiger Helmut von Wild


48155 Muenster, Germany


+49 251 3977750



German/ Swiss

Date of birth




Desired employment / Occupational field

Neurological Surgery: Microsurgery of brain, spine, spinal cord, nerves; multidiscipl. Neurotraumatology; restorative neurosurgery; Interferon therapy in glioblastoma; early functional neuro-rehabilitation; assessment of coma, definition of Unresponsive Wakefulness Syndrome UWS (AS/ VS); personal HRQoL (health related quality of life) after TBI: the QOLIBRI assessment tool; pperipheral-nerve graft by-pass after SCI: EU- funded SUAW project; central plasticity in Brunelli’s Paradigm. Clinical Neuro-Musicology (CNM): Music and Mind; neurologic music therapy, funct. brain mapping.

Work experience

Micro-Neurosurgery, neurosurgical intensive care, neurotraumatology, early rehabilitation, neuroradiology, electrophysiology, music and mind, neuromusicology

Dates Occupation or position held
Main activities and responsibilities

1982 - 2002 Professor & Head Dept. of Neurosurgery with Special Unit for Early Rehab. (National Grant NRW), academic Clemens Hospital, Medical Faculty Muenster, D

1977 - 1982 Senior Consultant Dept. Neurosurgery, Director Prof. M. Samii, Nordstadt Hospital, academic Hospital MHH, Hanover, D 
1966, 70 -77 Dept. Neurosurgery, Med. Faculty J.W.- Goethe - University Frankfurt M, DE

1968-1969 Senckenbergisches Institut für Pathologie am Universitätsklinikum, Direktor
Prof. W. Rotter: allgemeine und Kinderpathologie mit Kyematopathologie– Embryopathie; Neuropathologie; Prof.W.  Krücke, MPI,:

Edinger Instituts, Univ.Ffm..

1968 Wehrdienst Stabsarzt der Reserve, StAd.R. 2.VersLehr BH 96/ Munsterlager, Lazarett Arzt.der Bundeswehr

1966-1968 Medizinalassistent: Neurochururgie, Unfallchirurgie, Kinderheilkunde, Frauenheilunde 

Visiting Professor:

2012 - 2020 Fujita Medical Health University, Toyoaka, JP

2006 - 2019 CRRC the Chinese Rehabilitation Research Centre, Beijing, PRCh

2002 - 2013 Armed Force & Rheumatic Rehab.Hospital Centre EL AGOUZA, Cairo, EGY

Member of various scientific Societies
International Societies
2001 - 2013 da Rede SARAH de Hospitais Rehabilitation Center, Univ., Brasilia, BR
2002 - 2012 Executive Board member WFNR (Treasurer)

2009-2012 WFNR Chair Flying Faculty 

2011 - 2014 Founding Board Member EFNR European Fed. NeuroRehabilitation

2008 Initiator, Founding President CNM- Clinical NeuroMusicology

1999 Initiator & Founding Chair later QOLIBRI Society (personal HRQoL after TBI).

1999 EFNS Chair AS/VS  2002 Co-Chair  MTBI Guidelines
1998 EFNS Chair Neurotrauma committee

1997 Member EFNS

1997 WFNS Initiator and Chair, later on Hon Chair Committee. Neurosurg. reconstr. restorative rehabil.

More than 350 publications: 18 text books, 95 book chapters; 117 original scientific papers, (mostly peer reviewed, PubMed.), more than 150 congress abstracts; 2 scientific films. Editorial board member of national/ international Journals.

Type of business or sector

2017 till to date: Scientific cooperation of UKM Muenster and Fujita Health Univ, JP: dedicated to international research on diagnostics and
therapies- physical rehabilitation and swallowing disorders.

2012 till to date: academic coop.of Med. Faculty WWU Muenster with the Christian Universities in Jakarta and Medan IND for education and research: Neurol, Neurosurg. anaesthesiology.

2010 - 2020 Executive board member CAPTAINS Trial Asia, a prospective, double blinded clinical study to analyse the acute, subacute, and chronic beneficial effects of central pharmacological stimulating drugs like Cerebrolysine ® on neuromodulation & mental - physical recovery after acute TBI.

2009 - 2020 Int. study coop:. exp. spinal cord research on restoration of voluntary functioning in SCI: cooperation with UKM and Cluj RO Prof. D. Muresanu, Head Dept.Neurosciences, Univ. of Med. and Pharm. and Prof. C. Cartoi, Rector Faculty of Vet. Med. Univ., late Prof. G. A. Brunelli, e G.B. Brunelli Foundation, Brescia. IT; Prof. M. Schwab. Chair of Neuroscie. Univ. Zürich, CH  2003 ongoing CEO kvw neuroscience consulting GmbH, Muenster, DE

Education and training
Title of qualification awarded

2003 – 2020 Prof. for restorative reconstructive early neurosurg. rehabilitation INI, Hanover, DE

1984 till now: Apl Professor for neurosurgery Medical Faculty Univ. Hanover, DE

1987 UKM Muenster, DE

1977 - 1984 Assistant Professor at medical Faculties Frankfurt/Main then MHH, Hannover, DE

1977 postdoctoral lecture qualification (Habilitation) in Neurological Surgery Frankfurt/Main, DE

1975 Specialist neurosurgeon, senior registrar Dept. Neurosurgery

1968 MD Med. Faculty Univ. Frankfurt/M, DE 

Distinguished Professor

2017 Fujita Health Univ Toyoaka, Aichi, JP  for Neurorehab. & reconstructive Neurosurg;
2013 Burdenko NSI Russ. Russ. Academy Med. Sci, Moscow, RUS for restorative  neurosurgery
2009 Al-Azhar Univ.,.Dept  Phys. Med- Cairo, EG  Neurorehab.& restorative Neurosurg. hon. causa

2009 Faculty of Medicine, University of Medicine and Pharmacy “Iuliu Hatieganu” Cluj-Napoca, Ro

Principal subjects/ occupational skills covered

1982 - 2002  Professor & Head Dept. of Neurosurgery with Special Unit for early  TBI rehabilitation academic Clemenshospital, Muenster, DE

Altogether he performed more than 5500 major operative procedures.
1996 - 2000 Dr. von Wild parcipatedt as the only neurosurgeon in the European Grant Project  
SUAW (Stand up and walk) for computer added restoration of walking in paraplegics.       

1999 - 2018 he worked together with late Prof. G. Brunelli, Brecia, IT, on central plasticity after peripheral nerve grafting of spinal cord pocedure.

1999-  2016 German prosp. clin. study “Quality management in acute TBI care and rehabilitation.”

2010 - 2020 Executive board member “CAPTAIN trial “: prospective clinical study to analyse beneficial central pharmacological effects on neuromodulation & Additional information and CNM (

1982 - 2004 Representative for neurosurgery: Licence for education and board examination Chamber of Medical Association NRW (for neurosurgery, special neurosurgical intensive care, clinical laboratory medicine and neurophysiology (eeg, emg, EVP), pain treatment, and for physical training in neurorehabilitation  medicine, neuroradiology).                       
1993 - 2012 WFNS, WFNR, EANS, EANR, EFNS, AMN, EMN, SSNN education, instructor

Social skills and competences

2009 - till now President of the charitable Dres Klaus and Monika von Wild Foundation, Muenster 2016 - till now  Exec..Board Fondazione G. Brunelli per la ricerca sulle lesion del midollo spina. ITl

2008 - 2019  Kuratorium ZNS - Hannelore Kohl-Foundation, Bonn; DE and DGU Trauma Network

2005 - 2019 Advisory Board of Trustees International Neurobionic Foundation, Hanover

2001 Senior Delegate DGNC- BDNS WFNS World Congress Sept. 2001, Melbourne, AUS.

1992 - 94 Advisory Board Stiftung Deutsche Schlaganfall-Hilfe-Bertelsmann Stiftung, DE

1989 - 1993 BDNC Founding and Board member professional ass. of German neurosurgeons, DGNC Board Member, German Society of Neurosurgery

1989 - 1998 DGNC and  BDNC  Delegate at Federal Medical Association: Advanced training in neurology and neurosurgery ; introduction of the Australian DRG system  1971 - 76 Delegate and speaker of the independent scientific medical doctors self-administration, JW- Goethe- University,  Committee member of the senate Frankfurt
1968 - 76 Representative and spokesman for scientific doctors at the Med. Faculty Frankfurt    

Organisational skills and competences

President / Co-Chairman of numerous international and national neuro-scientific congresses, symposia, workshops, and teaching courses on TBI, SCI, restorative reconstructive neurosurgery, neurorehabilitation, multidisciplinary neurotraumatology and quality of life issues. Editor / co-author of nat. and internat. guidelines for quality management in neurotraumatology: transdisciplinary intensive care, trauma care, early neurorehabilitation, HRQoL in TBI, Apallic Syndrome(AS)/ (P) VS, now Unresponsive Wakefulness Syndrome(UWS), and for Mild Traumatic Brain Injury (MTBI) care.  

Additional information

Founding and Honorary President

World AMN

CNM (/;

EMN (,

QOLIBRI Society (
Founding honorary member:

International societies for neurorehabilitation: WFNR, WFNS neuroerhab. committee, PR China, Egypt, Indonesia, Japan, PanArabic, Thailand Board and honorary member of numerous  national and international Association and Societies of Neurorestoratology e.g. Romanian society of neurorehabilitation, Society of Romanian Neurosurgery Fellow der Cuban  Association of clinical neurophysiology, and of International Society for Reconstructive Neurosurgery (ISRN).    

Personal skills and competences

Mother tongue(s): German

Other language(s): English, French

  • German
  • English
  • French


Music and Mind Vokalmusik (1954- 1963) Mitglied der Frankfurter Kantorei-Dreikönigskirche, Leiter Prof. Kurt Thomas Chorkonzerte, Schallplatten – und Filmaufnahmen  (siehe Foto unten)


Theaterwissenschaft:  u.a. Hauptrollen und Regieassistenz bei StR Albert Klein, Gymnasium (1957-1960) (siehe Foto unten).

Lyrik  u.a.  1960-62 Vorlesungen UNI Frankfurt;  seit  2016 Litaraturverein Münster, Leiter OStR H. Wallmann, Dichter, Kritiker.

Zeitgenössische Kunst 1982 Prof. Klaus Bußmann, Münster: Künstlerfreundschaften.

Studien-Kunstreisen  mit Dr. Monika von Wild in Europa, Afrika, Nah-/ Fernost- Asien, Canada, USA, Brasilien, Kuba, Peru.    

Sport: Als Gymnasiast Florett/ Säbel (Fechtclub Offenbach); jetzt Wandern, am liebsten  mit Familie.

Kabinettscheibe (1588)  Wappen des Andreas Wild II, Stubengeselle Zunft zu Mohren, bei Aufnahme in den Großen Rat  der Stadt Bern (Original Bernisches Historisches Museum)

Dr. med. Rudolf von Wild mit Frau Magret von Wild 8 April 1905 im Kostüm für das Altstadtfest

Familiengeschichte der Familie Wild, von Wild
Dr. Rudolf J. von Wild, mit Frau Magret, geb. Ihlee
Frankfurt, 8 April 1905,  im Kostüm für das Altstadtfest