Assessment and definition of the Unresponsive Wakefulness Syndrome (UWS)

European Task Force on Disorders of Consciousness, Rome.


Clinical neuro-musicology

music & mind; music & dance for social competence.

2008 – ongoing

Regional controlled study on epidemiology and quality of TBI management

supported by ZNS 
Hanelore Kohl Stiftung, Bonn


Regeneration of denervated skeletal muscles

Brunelli’s CNS-PNS Paradigm targeted to restoration of voluntary muscle activity in post SCI paraplegia.

1999- 2020

Assessment of Health related quality of Life 

later The QOLIBRI assessment tool  in TBI

1999 – ongoing

QOLIBRI Assessment of quality of Life after TBI (national- international)

transdisciplinary board, workshops, Int. congresses, and publications

1999- 2020

EFNS task force Guideline on treatment of TBI

Chair Neurotrauma Committee, Chair AS/ VSGuidelines, Co-Cair MBT


ASPEN- US Guidelines Apallic Syndrome

Seville, London, Copenhagen, Rome , Graz by George Zintay, US


Restoration of voluntary locomotion in posttraumatic paraplegics;

SUAW –EU Project


Clin. guidelines for trans-discipl. TBI Care 


1990 – 2013

Present status in intensive care treatment

mental effects of central acting drugs

1987 – ongoing

Early functional neurosurgical neurorehabilitation (ENNR)

rehab-ward (MAGS)


Minimal invasive restorative trans-disciplinary skull base and spinal surgery

Prof. Samii, Nordstadt Hosp. Hanover
Clemenshospital Münster, UKM
Intern. operating courses

1982 – 2002

Multidisciplinary neurotraumatology

pharmacological brain-stimmulation by centralacting-drugs

1977 – 2020

Multimodal monitoring in neurosurg. ICU, early rehab in ICU

ICU treatment, including children Multimodal neuro- monitoring 

1976 – ongoing

Transdisciplinary diagnostics and tretment modalities 

radiological, ophthalmological, endorinological followup; tumor ID card


Clinical Guidelines pituitary tumours

diagnostic, therapy, follow-up